Tutorial step 7: Create response

In the seventh and last step we create an outgoing response to the original document received - and review it before sending

What is left now is the preparation of the reply to Ann Grossing, an outgoing document. Peter Hansson has investigated the enquiry from Ann, documented the investigation in 3 library files and is ready for the reply.

Peter starts by writing a memo, which he records in cattaDoc.

  1. From his own page in the book - ie. on Peter Hansson's page as contact person - he selects Create document under New event.

  2. In the Create document screen, he enters the document details:
    • Document type: Memo
    • Title: "cattaDoc and prevention of security breaches with documents"

  3. After creation, the new document with the ID PHC160001 has an initial status of 'Planned'. Peter then links the document to the folder 'cDInc' and as a response (selecting Create response as New event) to the initial incoming document (JPC160001). A document can have more than just one response. This is done in the same way as described previously.

  4. The memo - in Microsoft Word format (.docx) - is finally uploaded to cattaDoc - select Upload new version as New event. The document status is now 'Draft'.

  5. As instructed by his project manager in the document JPC160003, Peter sends the document to Bill Lechef for review:
    • Select Link to person as New event, click on Bill and select his role as Reviewer
    • Select Assign to review as New event and assign Bill as reviewer.
    The document status now changes to 'Under review'.

  6. Bill logs on to cattaDoc with his username BLC. The cattaDoc Dashboard is displayed after logon and from there it is easy to find the document, as it is the only one listed with the status 'Under review'.

  7. Bill reviews the draft response. He is satisfied with the reply, but decides to change three things:
    • He wants the reply to be in letter format, not just a memo
    • He also wants to stress the message by sending the reply in PDF format, not in the original Word format
    • He will send the reply in his name, not in Peter's.
    He makes these changes himself:

  8. Bill changes the document type from memo to letter in the drop-down box in the book display.

  9. After changing the document in Word and converting the result to PDF format, Bill selects Complete review as New event from the book screen of the document PHC160001. In the Complete review screen, he writes a short summary of his review remarks in the description field and clicks the Yes radio button in order to create a review version. This opens the filename field and Bill selects the Word version with his changes. After clicking the Complete review button on top, the new version is uploaded to cattaDoc. The document status changes back to 'Draft'.

  10. Bill then uploads the PDF version of the document - select Upload new version as New event. The document status is still 'Draft', but now with 3 document versions.

  11. Bill assigns Ann Grossing as Adressee of the document - select Link to person as New event - and decides at the same time to send it cc to Joan Paxtor, the CIO and project manager.

  12. He also needs to change the role of himself from Reviewer to Sender - and Peter's from Sender to Author, he decides. This is done by clicking the role in the Person tab, in the right page of the document's book screen, and change the role in the Person/organisation relation details screen.

    A cattaDoc tip! Under the Persons tab, the person role is always listed as the last role used, eg. Bill now as Sender. However, before he was Reviewer. This is reflected under the Events tab.

  13. By now the reply letter is finished, but since the original inquiry was received as an e-mail, Bill Lechef will send the response by e-mail, too. So he writes an e-mail:
    • recorded as an document (a cover mail) in cattaDoc with the ID BLC160001
    • with an appendix, the outgoing letter PHC160001
    • and as a response to the incoming document JPC160001

  14. Finally, for both outgoing documents - the letter PHC160001 and the e-mail BLC160001 - Bill selects Send document under New event. Both Ann and Joan are selected in the process, however with different roles, the first as Adressee and the second as CC. Now the status of both documents are 'Sent'.
A cattaDoc tip! Notice that cattaDoc always suggests the last version as the version to send in the Send document screen. The user can change this by selecting another version in the Version to send drop-down list.
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