Tutorial step 5: Create appendix

In the fifth step we create an internal document as an appendix to the original documents received

Now the real work begins. Joan Pactor sends an acknowledge reply to Ann Grossing - see document JPC160002, "Acknowledgement reply", in the demo version of cattaDoc. But we will skip this part here and return to response documents later in the tutorial.

Secondly, Joan sends an e-mail to one of her team members, Peter Hansson, asking him to investigate the matter and prepare a reply. In many businesses, you will not record this step in your document management system, but for the sake of this tutorial we will.

  1. From her own page in the book - ie. on Joan Pactor's page as contact person - she selects Create document under New event.

  2. In the Create document screen, she enters the document details:
    • Document type: E-mail
    • Title: "Investigate inquiry and prepare response"

  3. After clicking Save in the Create document screen, cattaDoc returns to the book display with the pages for the new document with the ID JPC160003, with an initial status of 'Planned'.

  4. In the book display of the new document, Joan selects Create appendix as New event.

  5. In the Create appendix screen, Joan clicks the Appendix radio button, then enters JPC160001 as the Master document and finally clicks the link button in the menu bar on top.

    A cattaDoc tip! This records the present document as an appendix to the incoming document JPC160001 and ensures traceability on what has happened to the inquiry. The registration is also reflected when looking at the incoming document JPC160001 in the book display: Here you can see document JPC160003 under the Appendices tab on the right page.

    A cattaDoc tip! Note that the label for the input field automatically changed from Appendix to Master document when Joan selects the Appendix radio button instead of the default Master Document. A document can both be master and child as an appendix (and response also).

  6. Repeat the steps you also did for the original document:
    • Link to project: 'cDInc'
    • Link to person: 'PHC' as Addressee

  7. Select Create new version as New event and write the e-mail instructions to Peter in cattaDoc. Save and exit the editor (CKeditor).

    A cattaDoc tip! Notice that the document has now changed status to Draft.

    A cattaDoc tip! Notice also that cattaDoc has automatically created two events in the process:
    1. Edit / Check out preventing others to edit the document at the same time - in the mean time, the document had the status 'Draft: Checked out' (you didn't see it, but others might have)
    2. Check in

  8. Select Send document as New event. Check Send version as e-mail from cattaDoc? and click the Send button in the menu bar at the top.

Now you have finished and sent the document which consequently has the status of 'Sent'.

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Revised: 2016-01-12