Tutorial step 1: Create organisation

In the first step we create a new organisation

For this tutorial we assume that own organisation with persons and users are already created, ref. Installation step 5.

Therefore, our first step will be to create the sending organisation and contact person in cattaDoc.

  1. Joan Pactor logs on to cattaDoc with her username, jpc

  2. In the initial search screen, select Create organisation under New object on top - the button with the icon

  3. Enter the organisation details in the Create organisation form
    At least, you have to enter the organisation Short-name/ID and name, e.g. "PTC / PubTop Consulting" (it can be the same).

    A cattaDoc tip! The asterisk sign '*' to the right of a label indicates a required field.

    A cattaDoc tip! The name of the organisation can be changed by anyone with reader permissions to the organisation. The organisation ID can only be changed by a system administrator through the system administration part of cattaDoc.

  4. Click on the Save button on top when you have finished your data entry.

    A cattaDoc tip! Keyboard shortcut: Simply press Enter when the cursor is in a field (except the date field)

  5. After saving, the new organisation is displayed in "the book" with only one active tab on the right "page", the Events tab.

    A cattaDoc tip! You can always change base data for the organisation by entering new values in the fields on the left page and clicking Save.

    Notice the Status field and the Parent organisation field:
    • They have a gray background indicating a value which cannot be changed by the user, at least not in this screen
      The status field is always system-defined based on the process flows (states and events)
      A link to a parent organisation can be defined by going to this other organisation and select Create subsidiary under New event.
    • Check the initial status with the process flow for organisations

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Revised: 2016-01-12