cattaDoc MySQL requirements

All cattaDoc information is stored in a database, MySQL - version 5.6 or higher

From version 4.0 cattaDoc required MySQL 5.0 or higher. With cattaDoc version 5 MySQL 5.6 or higher is required in order to support full-text search. Previous versions of MySQL can no longer be used with cattaDoc.

Documents and files are not stored in MySQL, but in the cattaDoc server´s file system, in socalled repositories. cattaDoc maintains pointers in the database to the documents and files i the repositories.


Download MySQL

MySQL MySQL is included in most Linux distributions and can easily be installed using a Linux package manager, e.g. YAST in OpenSUSE or Synaptic Package Manager in Ubuntu.

MySQL was first acquired by Sun Microsystems and then Oracle, but you can still download the free open source MySQL database from, the socalled Community Edition.


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Revised: 2015-12-10