Web-based file manager in cattaDoc

Remote file management with simogeo/Filemanager

In the system administration it is possible to manage the files in cattaDoc remotely, including uploading new files. Provided, however, that a web-based file manager is installed and enabled in cattaDoc.


File manager - optional

In previous versions of cattaDoc, ie. before version 5, a limited functionality to upload images, cascading style sheet files (.css) and javascript files (.js) was included in system administration part of cattaDoc. Now, a full-blown file manager is built into cattaDoc, making it possible not just to upload files to a few specific folders, but to upload files in general and to manage files in general remotely, including renaming, moving and deleting files.

The file manager used in cattaDoc is simogeo/Filemanager, ref.: github.com/simogeo/Filemanager.

The file manager is included in the full download package of cattaDoc, but not in the cattaDoc only package. In the last package only the interface file to the file manager is included, including a sample file manager configuration file.

The only way to manage the file manager is through its configuration file. Please refer to the Filemanager wiki for configuration changes. The use of a web-based file manager opens up for a number of security risks. Be careful therefore when setting up the file manager. The wiki includes advices on how to do it.

The use of the file manager in cattaDoc is optional. cattaDoc will work without the file manager, but remote file management will of course not be possible without a file manager.

All files and folders to be administered remotely with the file manager should be made writable for cattaDoc.


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Revised: 2016-01-10